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Dissonance is my self-released debut EP! Released on February 16, 2020, it was in development from mid-2019 to early 2020 and got its name from the first song I made for it. You can listen to the album through Bandcamp below and if you scroll further you will find a little description for each track.

1: Fluctuations

I decided for this to be the first track because it starts out punchy and gets your attention. The original project file name for this song was "idk" because I didn't have a name for it while I was making it. At the end I decided to call it "Fluctuations" because the song goes through 3 phases, fluctuating greatly between them. I'm not proud of how this track was made, I just took a crapload of samples and slapped them together. There's only about 5-10% of that song that I wrote originally. It's still a good song, though.